******** Mariya Aleksandrovna Репетитор, Москва,Волгоградский проспект, Tekstilshhiki

Age 19 years
Experience 1year
Payment 250-500 rub./45 minutes
Passport not yet ?
file since 2016 year ? сообщений пока нет ?
Has been online 07 October 2016y
Preparation to school Русский язык История География Экология Английский Танцы/хореография

For whom:
4-9 классы

There are so many aspects of my life that involve me with interest and excitement. Firstly, I'm fond of my native language - the Russian language. I'm eager to teach people to speak Russian and use it. Secondly, I'm experienced in dancing and fitness. It's my pleasure to do exercises in both dancing and hard sport trainings.


I'm a student.
Dancing, foreign languages, sport, any scientific research.
I dedicate my spare time to walking in parks or gardens, that's why my lifestyle consists of activities. I'm an easy-going person and always looking forward to new meetings and challenging jobs.

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