********** Viktoriya Valerevna Репетитор, Москва, Новороссийская улица, Ljublino

Age 42 years
Experience 5years
Payment 500-750 rub./45 minutes
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Has been online 09 June
Preparation to school Начальная школа Математика / Алгебра / Геометрия Английский

For whom:
Дошкольники 1-3 классы 4-9 классы

I've been working as a tutor since 2012. I can help children and teenagers to improve their English skills. I know different school courses (Kuzovlev, Vereshchagina, "English Spotlight", "Enjoy English", "Starlight", "Face2Face"). I teach English speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation and grammar from Beginner to Intermediate level. All my students feel more confident at school. My students say I'm patient and able to explain things clearly. I put all my heart into teaching. I graduated from Moscow Technical University of Broadcasting and Telecommunications. But English is my passion. I look forward to helping your children with their English goals.

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