******** Viktor Viktorovich Репетитор, Москва, Верхняя Первомайская улица, Pervomajskaja

Age 46 years
Experience 10years or more
Payment 1500-1750 rub./45 minutes
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Preparation to school Начальная школа Русский язык Литература Математика / Алгебра / Геометрия Физика История Биология Химия География Экология Экономика Информатика Обществознание Черчение, начертательная геометрия, инженерная графика Обществоведение Политология Переводоведение Языкознание Английский Русский как иностранный Изобразительное искусство Лепка

For whom:
Дошкольники 1-3 классы 4-9 классы 10-11 классы Подготовка к ЕГЭ (ГИА) Студенты и взрослые

Specialist in teaching of Russian, English, Nature, Biology, Russian Law, Geography, Chemistry, Science, History, IT, Literature,Physics, Technical Drawing, Art, Geology and Paleontology, preschool and elementary school. Some experience in school administrative work, IT and management. I am a teacher of the 1st Russian educational category (Master degree). I have more than 20 years of successful pedagogical work. I have been
working as English teacher more than fourteen years. I am PC user (NC, Lexicon, Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet and Software setup). I speak a bit: German, French and Polish.


I speak a bit : German, French and Polish.
I draw and paint well, play: volleyball, football, table tennis,
chess, board games and like travelling.

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