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******** Lyudmila Mikhaylovna Сиделка, Москва, улица Артамонова, Slavjanskij Bulvar

Age 50 years
Experience 10years or more
Payment 225-250 rub./hour
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Has been online 07 May 2016y

Maintaining hygiene of the patient's body: assistance in bathing or showering, if cared for immobile patients - sponging with warm water with a sponge; wash and haircut; the maintenance of oral hygiene, ears, nose, eyes and other body parts.
Keeping the room of the patient in accordance with the sanitary standards: wet cleaning, airing; vacuuming carpets, paths, carpets; washing dishes, taking out the trash, etc.
Giving the patient medicines prescribed by the doctor; processing and treatment of pressure sores, diaper rash and sores, perform dressings, setting enema, flushing the urinary catheter or epitsistostomy, injections (intravenous drip and performed for an additional fee).
Blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature.
The complex of exercises prescribed by physician, designed to prevent hypostatic pneumonia and pressure ulcers (physical therapy, breathing exercises, massage, shifting in bed, rubbing).

Feed the ducks or vessel, if necessary, change diapers, ileostomy or urinal.
Maintain regular communication, information on the health status of the patient, call an ambulance in case of a sudden deterioration of the health of the ward.
The acquisition for the patient medicines, food and other essentials.

Cooking food.
Feeding schedule.
Machine wash of clothes, bed clothes of the patient.
Change bedding and underwear of the patient.

Reading newspapers and books, talks on topics of interest to the patient, reading books and newspapers, watching television, tracking on foot.

Accompanying the patient to the doctor, clinic or a hospital (if necessary).
Personal skills: understanding, humility, love and respect for the elderly, responsibility, honesty, cleanliness, kindness.


Birth date
January 31, 1967
Acceptable work options
C проживанием в семье
Working time pattern
Registration at the place of residence
Previous convictions
Personal car
Driving licence availability

Nurse skills and restrictions:

Age of peaple you have taken care of
  • Старше 55 лет
Experience of work with patients according to diagnosis
  • Деменция (болезнь Альцгеймера)
  • Инсульт (постинсультная реабилитация)
  • Инфаркт (постинфарктная реабилитация)
  • Онкология (рак)
  • Различные травмы (ампутации)
  • Сахарный диабет
  • Эпилепсия
Experience of medical procedures performing
  • Внутривенные инъекции, капельницы
  • Гигиена больного
  • Лечебный массаж
  • Подкожные и внутримышечные инъекции
  • Послеоперационный уход
  • Обработка ран, перевязка
  • Уход за лежачими больными
Additional duties you may perform
    • Приготовление еды
    • Уборка помещения
    • Стирка и глажка
    • Покупка продуктов и медикаментов
    • Прогулки
    • Разовые поручения
Time / Days of week Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Early morning (06-09)
Morning (09-12)
Day beginning (12-15)
Day ending (15-18)
Evening (18-21)
Late evening (21-24)
Night (00-06)
Have references of employers
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