Nelli Nikolaevna, Няня, Москва, 16-я Парковая улица, Первомайская

****** Nelli Nikolaevna Няня, Москва, 16-я Парковая улица, Pervomajskaja

Age 56 years
Experience 10years or more
Payment from 450 rub./hour
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Has been online 01 October 2016y
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About yourself

Graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical Institute.
Worked as a teacher of physics and the English language at school for more than 10 years.
Work experience as a translator and interpreter in foreign companies including work as administrator and HR in Mace Co. Moscow branch (UK).

Ready to meet children from school and bring home, stay with them until parents are back.


Birth date
December 6, 1960
Высшее педагогическое 
Acceptable work options
Без проживания в семье
Working time pattern
Registration at the place of residence
Previous convictions
Personal car
Driving licence availability

Nanny skills and restrictions:

Experience with age groups of children
  • Младшая школа (7-10 лет)
  • Школьники (10+ лет)
Experience of performing various works
  • Прогулка, сопровождение
  • Контроль за заданиями/уроками
Number of children in family you are ready to work with at the same time
Foreign languages
  • Английский


Time / Days of week Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Early morning (06-09)
Morning (09-12)
Day beginning (12-15)
Day ending (15-18)
Evening (18-21)
Late evening (21-24)
Night (00-06)

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