***** Svetlana Vladimirovna Няня, Красногорск, улица Королёва, Novorizhskoe Shosse Do Stepanovkogo

Age 48 years
Experience 5years
Payment 350-400 rub./hour
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Has been online 03 July
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About yourself

Babysitting watch. Married and have four children. 02.2015-02.2016 - Moscow, 1 year, twin boys of 2.5 months - full-time in neonatal care, hygiene, exercises, massage, nutrition, child care utensils, purity in the children's room, looking after the children's wardrobe, washing and ironing baby clothes, daily routine, walking, training of independent food intake, cultivating of love of literature and music. Enshrine respect for adults. 09.2010-04.2014 - 3,5 years, babysitting, two children, boys, elder - 4 years old, younger - newborn, full-time. Early development of pre-school boys from 4 to 7,5 years in the complex: the mental, moral, aesthetic. Feeding, accustomed to observing the rules of personal hygiene and preparation for school, gradual adaptation to school, walks in the park, active games, roller skates, bicycle. With the newborn from the first day to 3,5 years - daily routine, walking, sports, visits to clinic. Educational sessions according to age. Learn the basics of mathematics, writing letters, numbers, reading.
1996 - Higher Education, English (good). Skills: game activities for the development of language, mathematics, art-graphic activity, modeling, music, environmental, social education; I instill the basics of etiquette, ethics. Develop fine motor skills, visual-figurative and logical thinking, memory, master the sensory standards. We use the best of Montessori methods, Zaitsev, Nikitin, Zemtsova, Lupan. The program relies on the training and education edited Vasilyeva "From birth to school". I show sincere interest in the child's thoughts, trying to understand his feelings; I treat the child as an individual, without offending him nor publicly nor privately. For more information. Sports. Without bad habits. A healthy active lifestyle.


Birth date
February 15, 1969
Acceptable work options
C проживанием в семье
Working time pattern
Вахта (сутки)
Registration at the place of residence
Previous convictions
Personal car
Driving licence availability

Nanny skills and restrictions:

Experience with age groups of children
  • Груднички (до года)
  • Малыши (1-3 лет)
  • Дошкольники (4-6 лет)
  • Младшая школа (7-10 лет)
Experience of performing various works
  • Приготовление еды
  • Мытье детской посуды
  • Кормление ребенка
  • Уборка детской комнаты
  • Стирка, глажка детского
  • Купание ребенка
  • Прогулка, сопровождение
  • Развитие по возрасту
  • Игры и развлечения
  • Подготовка к школе
  • Контроль за заданиями/уроками
Number of children in family you are ready to work with at the same time
Foreign languages
  • Английский


Time / Days of week Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Early morning (06-09)
Morning (09-12)
Day beginning (12-15)
Day ending (15-18)
Evening (18-21)
Late evening (21-24)
Night (00-06)

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