Anzhela Ivanovna, Няня, Балашиха, микрорайон Салтыковка, Цветочная улица, Носовихинское шоссе

********* Anzhela Ivanovna Няня, Балашиха, микрорайон Салтыковка, Цветочная улица, Nosovikhinskoe Shosse

Age 45 years
Experience 10years or more
Payment 200-250 rub./hour
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Has been online 28 June 2016y
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About yourself

1990-1991 - I worked in kindergarten, Moldova, Nanny-educator (Child Care, Communication and games).

In 1996 I graduated Balti State University ' Alecu Russo"б Department of Foreign Languages, specialty - German and English.

Since August 1996 I have been working as a teacher of the English and the German language. I have awarded the second degree of teacher specialization in English and German.

2011-2012 - I worked as a nurse-educator in a Moscow family. Prepared a six years old girl to school.
Family worked six days a week from 09.00 to 19.00. Responsibilities included:
• development of the child (English learning, knowledge age techniques);
• cooking for the child (lunch and dinner);
• cleaning the child's room, care for toys;

About me. My hobbies are: reading, modeling and other artistic activities.
I'm positive and responsible, I love children and work. I consider myself reliable, patient and friendly.
• Is able to easily cope with both the economic part of the activities and the educational process;
• without bad habits.


Birth date
March 13, 1972
Высшее педагогическое 
Acceptable work options
C проживанием в семье
Working time pattern
Полная (5/2 или 6/1)
Registration at the place of residence
Previous convictions
Personal car
Driving licence availability

Nanny skills and restrictions:

Experience with age groups of children
  • Дошкольники (4-6 лет)
  • Младшая школа (7-10 лет)
  • Школьники (10+ лет)
Experience of performing various works
  • Приготовление еды
  • Мытье детской посуды
  • Кормление ребенка
  • Уборка детской комнаты
  • Стирка, глажка детского
  • Прогулка, сопровождение
  • Развитие по возрасту
  • Игры и развлечения
  • Подготовка к школе
  • Контроль за заданиями/уроками
Additional duties
    • Уборка квартиры
    • Приготовление еды на семью
    • Мытье посуды семьи
    • Покупка продуктов
    • Разовые поручения
Number of children in family you are ready to work with at the same time
Foreign languages
  • Английский
  • Немецкий


Time / Days of week Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Early morning (06-09)
Morning (09-12)
Day beginning (12-15)
Day ending (15-18)
Evening (18-21)
Late evening (21-24)
Night (00-06)

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