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********** Mariya ********* Репетитор, Москва,улица Бориса Галушкина, Vdnkh

Age 22 years
Experience 1year
Payment 500-750 rub./45 minutes
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Has been online at 18:09
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Preparation to school Начальная школа Русский язык Английский Русский как иностранный

For whom:
Дошкольники 1-3 классы 4-9 классы Студенты и взрослые

I worked as a tutor for a year. My pupils were schoolchildren. I have the experience of working with foreign people. I also worked as a nanny for 3 years.


I like to go for a walk, to meet friends and spend time actively. I've just graduated and try to get a job.

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