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****** Yuliya Vladislavovna Репетитор, Москва, улица Молостовых, Novogireevo

Age 22 years
Experience 2years
Payment 500-750 rub./45 minutes
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Preparation to school Английский

Teacher of English in primary, secondary and high school (with the diploma with honours from MCTTU (Moscow City Teachers' Training University).

Worked as an English Teacher in primary (3rd year of education) and secondary (7th year of education) school.

Worked as a tutor in Children's camp "Euroclub" from 06.2013 to 07.2013, from 09.2013 to 10.2013.

Have been working as a tutor of English since January 2013, as an English teacher at English courses since July 2015.

Have experience to teach children from 7 years old as well as adults.
From 01.2015 to 06.2015 I participated in an exchange programme at the University of Nottingham (with the certificate of studies).

I can guarantee individual approach to every student, prefer to use communicative and cross-cultural methods in my lessons and can easily make my students interested in learning English.

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