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******** Anastasiya Denisovna Репетитор, Москва, улица Барышиха, Mitino

Age 19 years
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Payment 250-500 rub./45 minutes
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Has been online 02 June
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Preparation to school Начальная школа Русский язык Литература Обществознание Английский

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Дошкольники 1-3 классы

I have been learning English for 11 years at my school and I learn it in my university. I passed 2 Oxford exams: PET and FCE. I am studying at Diplomatic Academy. I love English but I haven't any work experience. Also I am a person of great responsibility. Moreover I am very hard-working.


I love reading books, taking photos, watching shows or serials in English. Also I like drawing.

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