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******* Khulan Borzhigin Репетитор, Москва, Энергетическая улица, Aviamotornaja

Age 22 years
Experience 3years
Payment 250-500 rub./45 minutes
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Has been online 09 March
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Preparation to school Начальная школа Математика / Алгебра / Геометрия Физика Черчение, начертательная геометрия, инженерная графика Английский

For whom:
Дошкольники 1-3 классы 4-9 классы 10-11 классы Студенты и взрослые

I have professional experience of both tutor and translator. I have been teaching private lessons of subjects like physics, English, and maths to university students and communicating with children just to improve their speaking ability in English. Last year I have written TOEFL test.

I'm adaptable, ambitious, creative, easygoing and broadminded that is why it's easy for me to approach to every student individually. I can guarantee that I'll work not only for the salary, but for my pupils to improve their knowledge through my private lessons.

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